Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid For Wilderness Survival

Whether it is a veteran or a beginner planning a trip in the woods for hunting or spending a night with friends, finding the way in the forest covered by trees in every direction can be a bit tricky. There are specific wilderness survival tips that one needs to follow to have a good time. However, at times there are certain mistakes that can not only spoil the fun of the trip but also put one’s life at risk. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that a trip to the woods turns out to be one with fun memories and not stress.

Underestimating the Risk
Many wilderness trips begin on a good note, with friends or family. However, any unforeseen circumstances can quickly turn a fun trip into a life and death situation. It can include getting lost in the woods, losing essential gear including compass or lighter, bad weather, or even coming face to face with a wild animal. Therefore, the first and foremost emergency survival tips include having prepared adequately with every vital gear that might come in handy at times like these.

Lack of Direction
Perhaps, one of the worst mistakes to make during a trip to the wilderness is having minimal or wrong idea about the direction that will take a person to their destination. Often, one tries to take a shortcut without considering the hazard that they might face. Besides, when one is moving in the wrong direction, then they inevitably set themselves up for a survival situation and not a trip. It becomes worse if the person is in a group as their injury can put the entire group at risk.

Going Off-Route
In case, a person plans to take a specific route during a walk through the woods with friends or alone; they should always follow the designated route unless they are sure of handling a different path. Also, if one does ends up diverging from the original route; chances are they will be landing themselves in trouble when the search parties come looking for them on the route known to them.

Poor Shelter
In a wilderness survival situation, having a shelter makes all the difference between the person either having a good time or endangering their life. One of the fatal mistakes during a trip to the wild is not having the proper shelter to protect oneself from rain, cold and other elements. In addition, zero training in creating a shelter from the natural material available to a person is also not helpful. Hence, having proper protection is one of the vital adventure survival tips that can make all the difference between a trip that one enjoyed and one that was ruined.

Bad Clothing
One of the important jungle survival tips is to wear appropriate clothing that suits the environment, and the climate one is entering. During a rainy season, it is essential that the clothes being used offer warmth even after being drenched in water. Always be wary of leaving out important clothing, if the trip is taking place in cold, as Hypothermia can set in owing to insufficient clothing.

Drinking Alcohol
Although, a sip of the favorite liquor might make one feel warm for a few seconds, but in a jungle survival situation, it acts as a poison. It is because drinking liquor results in expansion of the veins, which in turn brings the bloodstream to the surface of the skin and allows outside air to take away the warmth of the body. Instead of having liquor, water will keep one hydrated and prevent tiredness.

No Water
Water is the most essential element in the human body, which keeps it going in harshest conditions. The human body cannot function longer with lack of water. Hence, locating a source of water near where you plan to put the tent is important. In addition, before extracting water from a natural source; one should ensure that the water is not from a contaminated source.

The Final
Hence, if one makes sure to not to commit the mistakes mentioned above then they will have a great time with family and friends. By following wilderness survival tips, one can ensure a smooth and fun trip to the woods without any hassle.