Best Shopping Locations in Fukuoka

Fukuoka provides ample locations for shopaholics to indulge in their pleasures, there are malls and shopping districts that will wow if you decide to visit the unique destinations we have on our list, These are the best places that Fukuoka has to offer for you to find what you want and are perfect places to buy gifts to take back to family and friends.

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Marinoa City Fukuoka

Known as Kyushu’s largest outlet mall housing over 170 stores within and it conveniently can be reached by the bus from Hakata Station. The outlet building is where you can find 120 shops from fashion brands like Coach, UGG, Beams, ships and Urban Research. At the marina side building is where you can enjoy the view of the sea, here you can find sporting goods like GOLF5 and Sports Depo alongside special facilities like the Ferris wheel, restaurants and a yacht harbour where you can sit and relax. The aforementioned Ferris Wheel named Sky Wheel is a popular spot for couples to meet, hitch a ride to see the view of Tenjin and the neighbouring islands. To cater to families, you will be able to find rental carts for free as well as nursing rooms and toilet facilities around, there is also the Mini Marinoa train which runs on weekends for kids to enjoy as well as an athletic play area and a playground corner.

Tenjin Underground Shopping Centre

Beneath the commercial district of Tenjin lies the largest underground shopping area in Kyushu. The area is the host of 150 stores where you can shop for fashion, cosmetics and stationery items. The location is convenient as you can access all the major shopping centres and department stores, this is ideal during rainy days where you don’t have to step outside since all the spaces are interconnected. The design of this centre is modelled after 19th-century European streets incorporating iron, brick and stone into its construction. You can find that the stained-glass windows and the automaton clock brings out an ambience atmosphere. This shopping mall is very accessibility conscious as they have barrier-free facilities to assist people such as special escalators and elevators as well as braille blocks for the visually impaired and nursing rooms.

For those who want to look for Kimono wear then pay a visit to the 65-year-old Suzunoya where they showcase gorgeous Kimono, Furisodes and Yukatas. Itochu is a place that provides footwear to match Kimonos. For bags and wallets take a look at the selection available in Karankoron, the selection ranges from traditional Japanese designs to modern designs. If you’re looking for cosmetics, you should check out the collection from Cosme Kitchen who sells organic cosmetics located from all around the world.

Canal City Hakama

The popular shopping mall close by Hakata Station and is brimming with entertainment and shopping facilities, here you can find a cinema, theatre and arcade. Performances shows and sometimes live concerts are often performed here, where visitors can watch for free. The buildings are split amongst a 180-metre canal hence the name canal city and the place features a water fountain music show that plays at every hour. There is a wide selection of goods from overseas here, products ranging from electronics, jewellery, watches, cosmetics and products from duty-free shops where the staff are trained to accommodate staff from different countries as there are staff members who can speak multiple languages. Speciality shops here include Sanrio, Donguri Republic Ultraman World, Kinnikuman Muscle Museum. Venture into the Ramen Museum to try out Ramen flavours from all over Japan from the 8 stores that are open here.

Tenjin Core

Tenjin Core is where you’ll find stores that are catered to the youth of japan especially for women looking to spice up their wardrobe with trendy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. With unique stores for the youth subculture of japan like Punk rock fashion, Gothic Lolita, Gyaru, there are endless options to choose from here. The restaurants on the 7th floor are decently priced and you get the chance to try out the Yomenya Goemon here.

Kawabata Shopping District

Kawabata Shopping district is the home to 100 stores and there are several speciality stores like Hakata Ningyo, traditional confectionery and tonkotsu ramen. The mall and stores here bring a vibrant atmosphere, one store that is a must-visit is the Kawabata Zenzai Square, where you can find the props used in the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival. Stay and try out the Kawabata Zenzai combo which is red bean soup with rice cake. The store is open on weekends and an exception would be during the festival times where the store is open every day. If you’re looking to buy some souvenirs, I recommend buying some local treats from here or traditional handicrafts here.


Nakasu is an archaic part of Fukuoka where you can find old Japanese style buildings, streets and shrines. The history of the place was developed from an entertainment district filled with stage theatres and movie establishments to establishments for drinking and eating to being the largest entertainment district in Kyushu today. Locals come here late at night to enjoy street food like the likes of local ramen and oden stores. Take a trip and enjoy your meal from the Hakata boats, sailing down the river and to see the sights as your cruise down the neon night view of Nakasu. The boats run all year round however a booking must be made in advance to ride one. Participate in the Hakata Dontaku festival which opens in May and is an 835-year tradition that 20,000 people take part in every year.