5 Reasons You Need to See the Galapagos Islands

You have been looking at the beautiful pictures of your friends’ vacations all year. Finally, you have enough money to go on a vacation of your own. Now all you need is to decide where you want to go.

Obviously you want to go someplace where the water is a beautiful, clear blue that lets you see right down to the seafloor. You want a place with delicious food and cute towns. It is important to find a place with plenty of activities for when you want an adventure, but also a beautiful place to lay down and relax. The Galapagos Islands are all of that and more.

Figuring out how you will get to the islands and which islands to go to are probably the hardest decisions you will have to make about your trip. A flight is okay, but a Galapagos Island cruise offers more accommodations and the opportunity to see so much more of the islands.

With so many vacation options, and so many beautiful places in the world it can be hard to make a choice. The Galapagos are known for their beauty, but so are other places. Here are five more reasons to choose the Galapagos Islands for your next vacation.

1. The Beaches

The Galapagos Islands are famous for their beaches. Miles and miles of white sand and clear blue sea. Tropical fish, as well as shells, can be seen easily through the crystal clear waters.

Because the islands are mountainous the beautiful beaches are almost always very private and quiet. Like your own little world on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you want to spend your vacation someplace beautiful and calm then imagine how perfect the islands would be.

Sitting on a beautiful white sand beach looking over the aquamarine sea while completely cut off from the bustle of civilization. You would be surrounded by nothing but beautiful landscapes and calm waters. What could possibly be more relaxing than that?

2. Plenty Of Things To Do

If you ever get tired of lying on the beautiful beaches, which I don’t think is possible, there are plenty of things to do both in the water and on land. The Galapagos Islands are surrounded by oceans and therefore underwater creatures. Snorkeling and swimming are a great way to see all of the interesting and majestic animals that make the shores of the island their home.

You can see dolphins swimming past the shore, as well as tortoises walking around the island. Kayaking and hiking are a bit more active and a great way to see more of the islands.

Go out and visit creatures that are native to the island. The island is famous for its tortoises, but there are plenty of other interesting animals to see. The animals that live on the islands are not as timid around people as most wild animals.

The Galapagos Islands lack predators which has made their wildlife very brave. Some of the animals will come right up to humans. All of this makes the island a calm place full of beautiful wildlife both under the sea and on land.

3. Volcanoes

You can fly over the volcanoes in a helicopter. You can hike up the volcanoes. There is something so humbling about being that close to something that is capable of causing a natural disaster.

The mountains are covered in flowers and greenery making the whole experience breathtaking. There are no reservations with calling the volcanoes and hills of the islands breathtaking. If you are worried about volcanoes, then just visit a different one of the islands.

There is an island in the Galapagos for every type of person. Even the people who would rather avoid even the smallest chance of lava. Many people will never see an active volcano in their lifetime, but you can see them in their natural state. Weather from up close or very far away.

  1. Incredible Views

Speaking of flying over the islands, seriously consider going on a helicopter ride. Imagine seeing all the natural beauty of the islands spread out below you. The image is truly breathtaking.

Go on a hike. See how wonderful and lush foliage looks in such a tropical location. Find the waterfalls tucked near beaches and hidden in the mountains. Visit the towns known for their delicious, diverse cuisine. Go out onto a boat to see the mountains rising up over the ocean with the sun shining over their peaks.

Find some of the most beautiful places on Earth all gathered together. There are so many ways of seeing the beauty of the island and the more you do, the happier you will be to be on the islands. The Galapagos are covered in natural beauty and you can go see all of it.

  1. Variety

There are thirteen islands in the Galapagos. Each one holds different scenery and things to do. Any activity, view, or cuisine you want to experience is almost guaranteed to be on at least one of the islands. Each island is unique and full of fun things to do and explore.

Mountains, waterfalls, volcanos, beaches and even towns can be found on the islands. Each island has its own special sights and charm. There is something for every type of person on the islands.

From the people who never want to stop moving to those who prefer to stay still. This means there is no way any of the people on your trip will be disappointed. With so many islands full of things to do and see, there is no reason to go anywhere else for a perfect vacation.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many sights and adventures waiting for you on the Galapagos Islands, there is no need to think of a different vacation. Where else will you find all of the amazing adventures the islands do? The destination is beautiful, the activities are endless, and the food is spectacular. So why haven’t you book your trip yet?