11 Easy Ways to Start an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Shifting to an Ayurvedic lifestyle requires a few lifestyle changes but the benefits it has for your body, mind and soul are endless. While it seems huge at first, it only takes a little effort to make a number of small and gradual changes in your everyday life.

Ayurveda is a way of life. It encompasses every aspect of our everyday lives, not only from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, as well as when we are sleeping. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle comes with numerous health benefits. It helps reduce the pain, discomfort and symptoms of chronic illnesses, improves immunity, brings down the risks of diseases and slows down the degenerative process of aging.

This lifestyle also improves memory, alleviates the symptoms of mental health issues and helps balance out emotions like anger. It is also healthy for the spirit and soul as we start getting in touch with ourselves more strongly. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle is all about making a little effort towards incorporating a few simple changes in your day-to-day life. These changes might be small, but the results will be substantial.

1. Eat healthy balanced diet

Your diet has a major impact on your body and mind. Try to give up junk food, processed food and reduce eating out or ordering in. Eat healthy home cooked meals, which offer a balanced diet comprising of essential macro and micro-nutrients. Cooking your own food helps build a deeper connection with what you consume and hence, you learn to understand your body and its dietary needs better. Eat plenty of fresh local and seasonal produce, drink adequate water and cut back on refined sugar.

2. Detox your system

It is essential to detox our body from time to time. Owing to the pollution and harmful chemicals that envelop every aspect of our life, we are unknowingly exposed to them. Build yourself a detox routine, where you make stricter healthy choices and work harder on yourself. This helps get rid of all the toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the body and builds a clean and healthy system, improving functioning and metabolism. Detoxing the body not only has great health benefits, it also refreshes you and makes you feel better.

3. Get adequate sleep 

An adult human being needs six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for healthy functioning of the body. Our cells repair and regenerate when we sleep and hence, it makes wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Not only does the lack of sleep leave you exhausted and cranky, it also slows down the process of healing and aggravates aging. Listen to your body clock and go to bed early so that you can wake up early in the morning, well-rested and ready to start your day.

4. Put an end to bad habits

Most humans fall prey to bad habits at some point of their life. From smoking to spending too much time on social media to engaging in gossip to working late nights, bad habits are diverse. Ayurveda recommends a healthy balanced lifestyle and for that, it is essential to identify the bad habits that you are guilty of, and to work on quitting. It will take time, you might even fail a few times, but do not give up. Keep trying and you will succeed.

5. Lead an active life

Living an active life is a pillar of a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle. It prevents diseases, aging and also helps relieve several health conditions. Working out also regulates the hormones and enzymes which in turn, regulate the healthy function of the organ systems. Go for a run, walk or cycle and take stairs as much as you can. Instead of ordering things online, go out and get your things done, and get some exercise in return. Start including a session of yoga in your everyday routine as it offers you a great workout for the overall body.

6. Read, understand, implement

Ayurveda is an ancient scientific lifestyle and its principles are discussed in great details in the Vedas and other ancient texts. However, you can also find several books, blogs and articles on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic lifestyle, to help you understand the philosophy. Do your study, try to understand and implement these in your everyday life.

7. Attend Ayurveda retreats

When it comes to an Ayurveda retreat India, where the discipline has its roots, is your best bet. They have the very top healers and facilities, as well as the freshest plants and herbs for the medicines, massage oils and other treatments. If that is not possible for you, you can also look into attending local Ayurveda retreats to help you guide in your path.

8. Meditate and contemplate

Meditation is an important part of Ayurvedic lifestyle. It helps you isolate yourself from the negativity, stress and triviality of our lives and dwell on the more important issues and questions. Introspect about yourself as a person, your needs, wants and desires, where you see yourself in future and how much you have come. Meditation also helps you calm your mind, improve memory and slows down the aging of the brain.

9. Be conscious about your choices

Every choice we make has some major impacts and sends out a message to the universe and thus, we need to make conscious and well thought choices. Shop ethically as much as you can, make a conscious effort to reduce waste and try to stop using single use non recyclables. It is important to remember that we human beings are only a part of the environment and it is our responsibility to protect it and keep it safe.

10. Stop judging people

We are often quick to pass judgment on others, their lifestyle, dietary, social and sexual choices, without even trying to understand their life and circumstances. It is essential to let go of negativity and to stop judging people for the choices they make in life. This will liberate you from a lot of negativity and unwanted resentment.

11. Be kind to others

One of the main principles of the Ayurvedic philosophy is to be kind to oneself and others. Practicing kindness helps build positive energy and happiness. Extend your kindness to not only people you know and care. Perform random acts of kindness for complete strangers, let go of your grudges and you will feel lighter. Be kind to the planet as well as animals and plants and you will see a change in your outlook.

Thus, to come to a conclusion…

It is not difficult to adopt an Ayurvediuc lifestyle. All you need to do is simply start incorporating these little changes in your day-to-day life. Start with something small and don’t beat yourself up if you do not succeed at once. Every small step has immense benefits for you. With some effort and dedication, in no time you will be living a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle and reaping its numerous benefits.


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