Airline Reviews: Pet Airways

Pet Airways is a unique business indeed, one that caters to a clientèle consisting of family pets and transports them safely and comfortably by air to diverse locations in the continental United States. The basic premise of Pet Airways is for pet owners to send their pet to the desired destination a few hours ahead of their own scheduled flight, to be reunited a few hours later after the pet owner arrives on a separate flight. Rather than flying in a cargo hold on a regular commercial flight, Pet Airways transports pets in pet carriers located in the cabin of specially designed airplane, with an attendant checking on them every 15 minutes throughout the flight. The airplane used by Pet Airways is a Beech 1900 turbo-prop airplane, a widely used commercial aircraft with a good safety record.
Customers wishing to utilize the services of Pet Airways are required to present a health certificate from a veterinarian prior to purchasing a ticket. Dogs are required to have rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations and a negative fecal exam, and cats are required to have a FVRCPP. Customers must drop off pets two hours before scheduled flight times. Pets that are passengers are given the opportunity to relieve themselves immediately before boarding and again upon arrival.


Currently Pet Airways serves the following airports, and are working on establishing locations in Atlanta and Phoenix:

Republic Airport – Farmingdale, New York
Baltimore/Washington International Airport – Glen Burnie, Maryland
Midway Airport – Chicago, Illinois
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport – Broomfield, Colorado
Hawthorne Municipal Airport – Hawthorne, California
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Eppley Airfield – Omaha, Nebraska

The fares charged on Pet Airways are reasonable, considering the responsibility and service they provide, and the peace of mind afforded to caring pet owners. A one-way fare from New York to Chicago can be as low as $199, and a one-way fare from New York to Fort Lauderdale as low as $249.

Pet Airways offers excellent customer service, and not just for the humans that pay the fare. In the event that a pet owner cannot resume possession of their pet due to a delayed or canceled flight, Pet Airways makes provisions for the pet in question. In those instances, the pet will be put up at a Pet Airways affiliated pet resort until the pet and owner can be reunited. In any case, Pet Airways is a wonderful way to transport your pet in style.