Let Ottawa Take Your Breath Away on These 4 Scenic Drives

Ottawa, Canada, is an amazing vacation destination and a wonderful place to live. This gorgeous city is divided by one river and bordered by another. The city itself is beautiful, with great architecture and well-kept streets, but getting to it can provide unparalleled scenery. Take a look at some of the most scenic drives in and around Ottawa. The city and the surrounding countryside will certainly make you feel welcome and will invite you to explore Canada.

Colonel By Drive (The Rideau Canal)

Image via Flickr by Michel_Rathwell

Colonel By Drive is a gorgeous parkway that runs alongside Rideau Canal from the end of Sussex Drive at Rideau Street. For 5 miles, drivers and passengers will be treated to the view of the canal on one side and the stunning architecture as they travel alongside the canal. This picturesque road passes by the Shaw Centre and the Government Conference Centre just to name a few memorable sights. You will get to see Ottawa’s constantly changing scenery at its finest no matter what season you’re making your travels in.

Gatineau Parkway (Promenade de la Gatineau)
Gatineau Park is a well-known place to visit while you’re in Ottawa. The park itself is a remarkably beautiful place that attracts both visitors and residents. But the trip itself from Ottawa to Gatineau is also gorgeous. You’ll be surrounded by the Canadian woods as you wind your way down the Gatineau Parkway to the park from Ottawa. The 10-mile drive is one of the most peaceful you’ll find and will help set the mood for relaxation at the park.

Champlain Parkway
Champlain Parkway is a fantastic road to drive if you want to see the true colors of the Canadian landscape. The road is wooded on each side, and you can see the colors of the leaves change as the seasons turn. This impressive drive starts with a winding road that branches off the Gatineau Parkway and leads up to Champlain Lookout and the Mackenzie King Estate. The parkway gives drivers a chance to take in the sights of the gorgeous Canadian scenery.

Sir George-Etienne Cartier Parkway
This wonderful parkway follows the Ottawa River with some stunning views as you wind your way past beautiful overlooks and bridges that span the river. Sunset over the Ottawa River is particularly gorgeous and will present you with some amazing photo opportunities as well as some wonderful restaurants you can stop at for dinner along your drive. Sir George-Etienne Cartier Parkway is ready to show visitors the beauty of Canada.

Ottawa is a city that invites visitors to come and enjoy a stay in this capital city. The downtown area caters to travelers with an abundance of Ottawa hotels ranging from budget-friendly chains to luxury hotels with phenomenal restaurants. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the drive into the city as you travel down tree-lined roads and riverside streets. When planning a trip to Ottawa, make sure to add some time to enjoy sightseeing along the scenic roads.