How to take indoor plants home during an Australian interstate roadtrip

When I was visiting my uncle’s family in Australia, it was during July which was in the cold Australian winter. We decided to go on kind of cross country road trip going from Townsville Queensland to New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and back. Throughout each small town we visited on the weekends, we would often visit the weekend markets which sold all sorts of things such as plants!

One thing me and my uncle’s family all have in common is we love collecting indoor plants! Guess that runs in the family huh? Well we bought multiple plants from every market we went to, as a sort of memorabilia or souvenir which we could take back to Queensland. By the end of the trip, we had well over 20 plants in the boot…

Taking all the plants home was no easy feat, as we had to plan carefully and make sure we looked after the plants correctly as we roadtripped the round trip back. Here’s some pointers on how to make sure you can bring your plants home safely from a super long interstate roadtrip across Australia.

Easy Low Maintenance Plants

Choose the best indoor plants in Australia that are strong enough to handle the cold temperatures of the Australian winter and also can handle the heat from being in-transit in the car. Plants such as devil’s ivy, monsteras, syngoniums, ZZ plant and snake plant are highly recommended for being hardy and tolerant of broad temperature ranges.

snake plant - cheeky plant co - buy plants online australia


Where to Buy Indoor Plants Online

Find out where you can buy plants online in australia as there are plenty of indoor plants for sale all across the country. Buying from markets was easy, but my uncle’s family usually just buy their indoor plants online and have their houseplants delivered to their home in Queensland. When we were in Sydney, we bought plants from the Flemington Markets which was quite a big market with so many stalls.

Transporting plants for your home

When transporting plants across the country, remember to water your plants every few days, but be very stingy as it is better to underwater than to overwater. Secondly, make sure to give your plants some sun when possible but also be wary of overheating when they are in the car if you’re parked in the sun. Open the boot and let them breathe too!

Cool plant destinations on an Australian roadtrip

Some notable stops in our roadtrip include the Royal Botanic Gardens in NSW, the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan and various rainforest walks in Victoria which were only accessible by walking track. Overall, Australia is a great place to roadtrip 🙂 To buy indoor plants around Australia was also a bonus.

Here’s the end of today’s jitters. I’ll catch you guys later when I have more to talk about.