Adventure Tour in Europe

When traveling to Europe, one option is to take an adventure tour. A tour will allow you to see various sites and will provide you with a vacation plan that will maximize the number of sites that you see. Adventure tours also provide you with some physical exertion for those who enjoy being as active as possible. When you travel to Europe there are many different activities in which to participate. Europe is filled with historic figures, events and locations to entertain anyone.
There are many different adventures in Europe from which to choose. You can choose to explore ancient ruins, vast country, or a metropolis. Here are some options for you to consider.

Scotland is an excellent choice for a traveler seeking adventure. The Scottish culture is rich with history. When traveling in Scotland, you can walk through the highlands and the lowlands just as the Scots of old did. For a true adventure, you can camp in the Scottish country or find inns as unique as the surroundings.

France is also an excellent choice for a traveler venturing out on an adventure tour. There are many wonderful hiking options in the Haute Route which is a mountaineering route that was originally created to link Chamonix and Zermatt, two famous mountaineering areas. While visiting France, you can also canoe in the rivers of southwestern France. As you follow the rivers, you will see many castles and other historical sites. Many tours also offer stops in historical, beautiful cities such as Paris, Lyon, and Nice.

If you don’t consider yourself a hiker, you may decide a bike tour in Italy is more what you’re after. Italy has a rich history and culture and you can see many famous sites while pedaling through the beautiful country. If you choose a biking tour in Italy, you will see breathtaking site in the Italian countryside while enjoying luxurious hotels each night. When you choose a biking tour, you will be able to see more than you would on a hiking tour in the same amount of time.

Greece offers adventure tour that allows you to experience vast amounts of the shore. Mediterranean cruises allow you to visit historic sites that shaped European civilization. Many Greek cruises take place on smaller ships which are classically designed so that you will have a strong feeling for the ancient sites you are visiting. Adventure tours in Greece will also allow you to visit many of the Greek islands wuch as Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Rhosdes, Heraklion and Santorini.

Yet another option for an adventure tour in Europe is a train tour. Most countries in Europe are connected by a railway system. You can purchase a EuroPass and take the train easily from one country to the next. This is an excellent way to compare various cultures and see as many sites as possible. On a train tour, you will be able to see everything from vineyards in France to castles in Germany to markets in Italy.

When you choose your adventure tour in Europe, rest assured you will have many stories and memories to share for years to come. There is an adventure tour for every personality just waiting to be discovered.