European Holiday River Cruises

Traveling to Europe for the holidays? A great alternative to appreciate the sights is to go on scenic river cruises. Europe is home to many unique cities and each river cruise will be a different experience than the last. You can avoid the tourist crowds and simply enjoy the scenery on calm waters. There are […]

Adventure Tour in Europe

When traveling to Europe, one option is to take an adventure tour. A tour will allow you to see various sites and will provide you with a vacation plan that will maximize the number of sites that you see. Adventure tours also provide you with some physical exertion for those who enjoy being as active […]

Traveling the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

When in Rome, take a train east across the boot of Italy and then hop a ferry headed for Croatia. Just across the Adriatic Sea from the fascinating and beautiful Italy, Croatia has just as much to offer but without quite the same volume of tourists and tourist traps. Remarkably well recovered from its turbulent […]

Eurail Sleeper Cars – How Not to Get Left Behind!

Sleeper cars are usually geared for night time passenger travel, and have been utilized ever since the 1830s. These days, competition among sleeper cars with various rail companies is becoming fierce – which is really, really great. This means that passengers (both regular commuters and overseas travelers) get to see a wide variety of prices […]