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Unseen Sri Lanka – Peaceful and Spectacular

  • December 16th, 2017
  • Asia, Travel
  • Jennifer

You will be wonderstruck at how much the small island nation of Sri Lanka has in store for the visitor. Olanka Travels can make this dream vacation for you possible. Beaches, heritage, majestic mountains, wildlife, lush greens, and the hospitality of the people – as if all of this was tailor-made for the tourists. No […]

Get Ready for Some Adrenaline Rush in the Hilly Retreat of Uttarakhand

  • December 15th, 2017
  • Asia, Travel
  • Jennifer

How about trying an adventure vacation on your next Uttarakhand trip? Well, if the answer is yes, then it’s time to be ready for unlimited fun and excitement as the place offers an array of interesting options for the adventure buffs. Take a look: Jungle Safari in Corbett The Jim Corbett National Park is one […]

5 Ways to Make Travel Smoother When You Have An Illness

Planning to travel when you already deal with an illness every day can seem like an impossible dream, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little thought and preparation, you’ll be able to jet off in no time at all. Here are five ways to make travel smoother when you have an illness. Check […]

Adventure Tour in Europe

When traveling to Europe, one option is to take an adventure tour. A tour will allow you to see various sites and will provide you with a vacation plan that will maximize the number of sites that you see. Adventure tours also provide you with some physical exertion for those who enjoy being as active […]

Airline Reviews: Pet Airways

Pet Airways is a unique business indeed, one that caters to a clientèle consisting of family pets and transports them safely and comfortably by air to diverse locations in the continental United States. The basic premise of Pet Airways is for pet owners to send their pet to the desired destination a few hours ahead […]

Traveling the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

When in Rome, take a train east across the boot of Italy and then hop a ferry headed for Croatia. Just across the Adriatic Sea from the fascinating and beautiful Italy, Croatia has just as much to offer but without quite the same volume of tourists and tourist traps. Remarkably well recovered from its turbulent […]

Eurail Sleeper Cars – How Not to Get Left Behind!

Sleeper cars are usually geared for night time passenger travel, and have been utilized ever since the 1830s. These days, competition among sleeper cars with various rail companies is becoming fierce – which is really, really great. This means that passengers (both regular commuters and overseas travelers) get to see a wide variety of prices […]

Vital Slang for the Contemporary Traveler

Contemporary travel involves extensive exposure to slang, not all of it familiar. One source that stands out for learning vital travel slang is the Travel Industry Dictionary. This online resource provides the contemporary traveler with up-to-date travel terminology including slang used in the industry. Do you know what “cuddle class” is? You do if you […]

Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruise: The Ultimate Choice for Vacation Traveling

What kind of a vacation you love to spend? Which offer you a royal treatment? How would you feel if you are being treated majestically throughout your holiday? It is everybody’s dream which is unforgettable for ever when it comes true. Choosing the Royal Caribbean or Celebrity cruise for your next vacation will make this […]