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Exploring the Diverse Rainforests of Australia

Rainforests are distributed across the states of Australia, existing in different climates and terrains. Being one of the driest continents, Australia consists of about 123 hectares of native forest, and among the 457 forest communities in the country, some of these are World Heritage listed rainforests. These World Heritage listed rainforests offer a true environmental […]

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5 Ways To Make Your Travels Smoother

Traveling over the holidays can be infamously busy, expensive and also demanding, however don’t let a roadside emergency like a puncture, dead battery or lockout obtain you down. Whether you’re heading residence for the holidays or escaping to a relaxing vacation, you could relieve a few of your travel migraines and also obtain some satisfaction […]

A Fresh Start

With humble beginnings I shall start this travel blog with a not so massive *bang*. I’d like to become great at travel writing and maybe branch out into working in tourism in the future i.e. after I’ve done my share of backpacking and travelling the world. But that all comes after I’ve saved up enough […]